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vivo s1 pro – A High End Workplace Gadget

Vivo S1 Pro is an high-end Android smartphone made by Vivo. The phone has been announced at the end of May 2021 along with several other new smartphones including V 220, Vvezias and Zemaq. The phone has received heavy criticism from some quarters due to its similarity to the iPhone in terms of looks and the lack of a home button on the handset. However, I would like to present some advantages of the phone as compared to the iPhone and discuss whether it is worth the price tag that the phone has garnered.

For all the praise that I have bestowed upon the in-display fingerprint sensor smartphone from Vivo, it is worth pointing out that the phone does fall short of some high-end features that are present in the iPhone. For example, the vivo s1 pro does not include a camera pouch or micro SD card slot which the iPhone has. On the other hand, the iPhone has three different storage options namely, internal memory, external memory and the SD card. The in-built micro SD card slot though can support up to 2GB of additional data, but the iPhone has a much bigger built-in memory wherein it can support potentially hundreds of gigabytes of data.

Further to this, the in-screen sensor of the vivo s1 pro can recognize up to five hundred pressure points. While this may seem trivial to some, the fact is that this feature makes the device very easy to use. This is because it uses the multi-gesture interface to control the camera hence there is no need to physically compose the photos. Instead, one simply places their finger on the screen and uses the multi-gesture interface to trigger the mode and the focus on the camera.

Secondly, the vivo s1 pro comes with two types of batteries – the standard alkaline A/D and the triple A/C. As most smartphones these days have large LCD screens, the larger size of the batteries can be of great benefit. In this regard, the iPhone has a single standard vivo s1 pro  A/D battery as well as a slightly larger dual A/C battery. The iPhone can therefore work even when the batteries are low on power. However, the norm for most smartphones these days is to have four standard A/D batteries and a standard dual A/C battery.

Moreover, unlike the iPhone which has a physical camera, the vivo s1 pro has a miniature digital camera. This means that the user can take high quality videos and stills without the need for any extra devices. The Camera Connector also doubles up as an editing tool thus one need not purchase additional software like Story Studio or other video editing applications. On the other hand, the iPhone’s ability to capture videos and stills with sound is greatly reduced due to the lack of a camera lens. The vivo s1 pro however has a much larger camera lens which is capable of great quality image capturing.

Despite the fact that the vivo s1 pro looks much like the iPhone, it does have some unique features. For instance, it has an infrared illuminator which allows the device to detect your hands even in total darkness. Furthermore, the camera has an anti-shake feature which ensures that the pictures are not shot at incorrect angles. Furthermore, it also has an anti-slip grip which helps prevent the device from slipping. The only disadvantage of this smartphone is that it lacks the headphone jack which means that you will not be able to listen to music or charge your battery using the Bluetooth technology. However, the absence of the headphone jack does not affect the normal operation of the camera.